Pedicab Service Map


check the map below to see where you can ride:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you go?

Our Primary area of operation is the downtown Sandusky district between Meigs Street to Monroe Street to Shelby Street and the water. Our guests have us take them to destinations such as restaurants or bars, and we also take our guests for sightseeing and historical tours.

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How can I get a ride?

When our drivers are without guests they often drive around the downtown area where you might catch a ride by flagging down an available driver. You can also call/text 419-357-4522, and we can send an available driver.

How many passengers can you carry?

Each pedicab can carry 2 adults comfortably, but 3 can squeeze in.

Do you have a weight limit?

We tell our drivers not to take more than 700 pounds, however due to safety and practical considerations 400 to 500 pounds is more realistic. All rides are ultimately at the discretion of the driver who shall determine if they can safely and comfortably deliver their guests to their destination.

Where do your pedicabs come from?

Our vehicles come from Mainstreet Pedicabs which is the largest supplier of US made pedicabs and are used by many companies in the US and elsewhere.

Are pedicabs safe?

Pedicabs are extremely safe, they are equipped with running lights, brake lights and hydraulic brakes.

Are you pet friendly?

Yes, if your pet is not a snake!